From Dawn 'Til Midnight by D.S. Edward

With the rising sun, Dawn stirs.
To many, Dawn is the steadfast worker pressing through day after day
in the office.
To some, Dawn is the sensual model escaping at night to shed her clothes as she sheds the doldrums of the office to satisfy her artistic desires.
To a few, Dawn is a hungry passion that can only be satisfied through fulfillment of much deeper desires.

Today starts like many days before, with eager anticipation of what may
unfold, but not even Dawn herself is prepared for a day such as what lies ahead. Before the close of the day, Dawn will push herself further than
she has ever imagined - discovering, exploring and ultimately fulfilling
not only her deepest desires...

but desires she had never realized existed within her.

* * * * *

An erotic novel based on the reality of one woman's life of conflict
between the confines of her 9 to 5 career in an office and the freedom of moonlighting as a nude model. Blurring the lines between with the
passion she fills both worlds with.

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